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Rubbish Clearance Orpington

Does your property require rubbish clearance? Knockout Waste Control offer a range of professional rubbish removal services in Orpington.

Often, rubbish is left to mount because disposing of it is a dreary task that no one wants to spend their weekends or free time doing. Instead, rubbish is pushed to the side, left to accumulate and to be dealt with at a later date that never seems to arrive. If this situation sounds familiar, Knockout Waste Control are here for you. We recognise that our clients lead busy lives and don’t want to spend their time on waste. We will do it for you. Wherever your waste and whatever the type of rubbish, our range of services can help with every specific rubbish removal need.

About Us


We are a professional, reliable and friendly team of rubbish removers.


Rubbish Clearance Company Croydon

Free you of waste and declutter your space!

Why choose us for Knockout for
rubbish clearance in Orpington?

Orpington rubbish removal services

Professional, affordable and reliable rubbish clearance in Orpington.

From the small rubbish removal jobs, to the big ones, we offer our services to everyone in need. Rubbish can accumulate in any number of ways and any number of places. We have devised specific services to accommodate every rubbish removal enquiry.


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  • Fast and reliable service
  • Hardworking and friendly team
  • Competitive prices
  • Licensed waste carriers
  • Environmentally friendly service
  • A range of specific rubbish clearance services for every type of rubbish removal
  • Fully insured
  • We do everything for you, from start to finish
  • No job is too big or too small 

Garden clearance Orpington

British weather doesn’t always allow us to enjoy and spend time in our gardens, but this doesn’t mean we should neglect to care for them. Gardens can produce a lot more waste than you might first think. From the organic waste such as soil, turf and grass cuttings, to non-organic waste like decking, garden furniture and garden sheds, we can dispose of your garden waste. Whether your garden requires a big clear out or a small one, we are here to help with garden clearance in Orpington.

House clearance Orpington

A house becomes a home to not just us, but almost everything we own too. Over time, our homes can often become cluttered without us even noticing. However, if the time has come for your house clearance, Knockout Waste Control can take the task out of your hands. We can do everything for you, disposing of all sorts of household rubbish, furniture and old goods and even hoovering when we’re done. Whatever your house clearance needs, let us know and we will be more than happy to help.

Additionally, we also offer clerance services in::

rubbish clearance Orpington

General rubbish clearance

We can simply come to your premises and remove your bagged-up rubbish, taking the job out of your hands.

office clearance Orpington

Office clearance

Waste is never ideal for an office environment. As well as being a health and safety hazard, waste is disruptive and can impact productivity in the workplace. Let us help with your office clearance.

Loft Clearance Orpington

Loft clearance

The loft can become a dumping ground. Whilst it is tempting to hide your rubbish away out of sight, you’ll have to dispose of it eventually so let us do it for you.

shop clearance Orpington

Shop clearance

There is only so much space in a shop. You need your front of house looking immaculate for your customers and your backroom needs to be neat and tidy for smooth operating. Avoid rubbish accumulating in your shop and contact us.

See our services page for more on what we can do for you.

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